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EM ;) ([personal profile] m_ara2015) wrote2017-04-20 11:07 pm

EM's opinion on new single!

New single I'll be there has been released already!
Well, I like this single almost entirely! Here is my opinion:

Cover: they look cool and it's not only Arashi! I mean some of their recent covers (album/single) didn't have enough art and I've read some complain about it. My eyes can't catch photoshope errors (if it's not really obvious!) So, I presume it as a good one! Yeah I like both LE and RE's.

PV: adult Arashi? Ofcourse I like this PV. Both their cool and cute sides are in one. :)
Yet again it's nither magical nor surreal ..... maybe next time! I'm waiting for thisπŸ˜…

Songs: I can say I like all the coupling songs ✌. I hope some kind soul will translate them. And I hope they will performe them all in concert!

- I'll be There: I've been listening to the short version occasionally. I like it, why not? ^^
But the full version .... I need more time to get the new part!

- Round and Round: I like the rhythm ...... emmmm changing tune? It's fun to listen to ^^

- unknown: so well, it's my favorite song of this single. It sounds new thing (I have not listened to all of Arashi's songs though). Sakurap is superb! I don't understand it, but it feels good ^^ somewhar sweet, mysterious & dark!

- Treasure of life: so,is it a usual Arashi song? Personaly I enjoy this kind of songs 😊.

Ps: it kinda hurts if you like a B-side and it never finds the way to concert! (For me "It's good to be bad" and "I say"!)

Yeah, that's all !

Thanks! 🌺