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Fortunatly those crazy three months have passed, I'm glad my sanity is intact!

I've been really busy for almost 3 months , so I couldn't check LJ/DW regullarly as I did before. Anyway, for the time being, I'm more or less free - I have to prepare the proposal of my thesis :| besides my sister's wedding is next week and I'm excited/stressed becuse of it in a good way \(^o^)/

During that time, I missed most of Arashi/dorama/other updates here and there ... so will make a list of videos I wanted to watch.I stopped watching Kizoku tantei as well, sure I will resume watching it.
After a long term wating, finally I could watch AYH and Arena concert. I had fun watching them. I liked Japonism more! The beginning with "tadaima" was great. I laughed so bad during "disco star" performance, all of them were fooling around ^^ ...... have yet to watch the documentary!!!

I have about one month holidays. I will make sure to ues it in the best way possible. Meanwhile I have to gear myself up for my internship wich begins next month. I feel like ....... oh, this feeling is terrible (・・;)γ‚ž

Have a nice day <3
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New single I'll be there has been released already!
Well, I like this single almost entirely! Here is my opinion:

Cover: they look cool and it's not only Arashi! I mean some of their recent covers (album/single) didn't have enough art and I've read some complain about it. My eyes can't catch photoshope errors (if it's not really obvious!) So, I presume it as a good one! Yeah I like both LE and RE's.

PV: adult Arashi? Ofcourse I like this PV. Both their cool and cute sides are in one. :)
Yet again it's nither magical nor surreal ..... maybe next time! I'm waiting for thisπŸ˜…

Songs: I can say I like all the coupling songs ✌. I hope some kind soul will translate them. And I hope they will performe them all in concert!

- I'll be There: I've been listening to the short version occasionally. I like it, why not? ^^
But the full version .... I need more time to get the new part!

- Round and Round: I like the rhythm ...... emmmm changing tune? It's fun to listen to ^^

- unknown: so well, it's my favorite song of this single. It sounds new thing (I have not listened to all of Arashi's songs though). Sakurap is superb! I don't understand it, but it feels good ^^ somewhar sweet, mysterious & dark!

- Treasure of life: so,is it a usual Arashi song? Personaly I enjoy this kind of songs 😊.

Ps: it kinda hurts if you like a B-side and it never finds the way to concert! (For me "It's good to be bad" and "I say"!)

Yeah, that's all !

Thanks! 🌺
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Hey, are you doing fine? ^^

My short-term hodidays are here ^Ο‰^
Recently, I was kinda bored and there was some news that made me extermely excited! ( of cours you've heard about them already )

- Aiba-chan's new drama. I've read the synopsis and somehow reminded me of Nazodi. I'm not sure how I would like Kizoku Tantei .... I don't like severe and deep cases. They're frightening (I watched Evil Mindes but not finnished yet, and I closed my eyes in every tremendous scene ) so, light-heart criminal case is better choice for me!

- " I'll be There" Arashi 51st single . It was a freaking long while that they announced AYH albume, and nothing new till last week. The covers, B-sides titles and sample of "I'll be There" track are not out yet, I'm so eager to know more about it. I love the title !
Me: I want this single so bad!
51st: I'll be There! :)

How will the B-sides be?

- Code blue season 3. Another drama that I like and I feel nostalgic. It was almost the first Jdrama I watched. After watching I searched for Toda Erika's drama/movie, then I found Kagiheya .... eventually, Arashi πŸ’–.
I want to watch more drama/movie from Toda Erika !

- another drama β€œReverse”. Starring Fujiwara Tatsuya and Toda Erika.

I wanna watch them all. How can I manage to do this? There are still many drama/ movie waiting ..... and Variety shows as well!

Not related my tablet went crazy and reset to factory default :( . I lost some of my files that hadn't been moved to my HD - not that they were not important, I was lazy- as well as some apps .... .
I always checked LJ via my tablet and the password was saved so I didn't need to write it every time that's why I forgot the password! now I remember XD.

Oh! my HD is near its limit. I can't delete more items than I have done! Time to buy new one?

Ok, that's all.
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Hi, is everything all right there?

Yesterday I accompanied my mother to buy some stuffs - I didn't need to buy anything ,though - I was skimming notebook's shelves and noticed this one!

Do you know what did it remind me of at the first sight?
A part of Sakura's lyrics : " open your heart sugu sobani ai wo kanjiteru .... " .
I wondered why? Wasn't there anything else to come to my mind? OH, MY ARASHI OBSESSION!!

Tbh , the two swans reminded me of something vague as well, however , I couldn't recall that memory!

And I couldn't not buy it πŸ˜… .... after that I realized it's green ^^.

Ah, here is my question : what is it supposed to be used for? Maybe for writing down some beautiful quotes or puns .... or maybe I should find new application πŸ€”

So , if you have any idea how to use it, share it with me please!

* In case the photo is not clear : " open your heart" is written under the two swans.

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Hi~ !
It was snowing yesterday ( almost 25 hours till this morning ) and because it's supposed to be the last snow I decided to make a sonwman.

It was early in the morning and I was alone in our yard. There was a really huge amount of snow on the ground.

I haven't made a snowman for a long time. When I was trying to remember my old memories a brilliant idea flashed through my mind! "Why don't I make an Arashi-logo snowman?ヽ(^。^)γƒŽ"

It was so fun to make.
It probably turned out not in the best way, however, here is the result.^^

Next year(I mean next time when I'm in the mood XD) I will bring some decorations to make next snow logo looks better!

BTW, earth is really changing, ne? Winter is getting colder every year and summer warmer !

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New year is comming. Are you ready? (^O^)/

I changed my default userpic and journal title for this new year! XD
The new title is : " Hey! Ai wo utaou " . Ai wo utaou is a great song and I just can't get its Love tour performance out of my mind, hence I chose this.

About entries..... hmmmm.... ??? Is it ok if I post my opinion about Arashi's new album? - I know it's too late! I'd rather wait for their next release and be more on time for postting such things ! The next one will be their 51st single, right? How will the next A-side and the PV be like? I wish for a surreal PV this time. I think it wouldn't be that bad if they try it once . I don't remember if they have had this kind before, if you know then let me know.

One more thing , I have a super important and difficult exam this year. I still have time to get prepared for it but they say each year it will be more difficult.... wish me good luck, please ^_^

Any way, I wish everyone a blessed year . (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )

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Many congrats on this fine day !

I found this picture on the internet.... he is still as cute as he was.XD

(Though I'm super happy, don't know why I feel like crying while I'm listening to this song (Voice) and imaging Oh-chan !!!)

To the best riida ever: Be happy! Today is the day you made our world wonderful and happy :)

Love <3
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Hi there!
Do you know Aoi Eir?
Well I got into her voice when I was watching Arslan senki. I still don't know much about her !

Anyway she announced that she wil go on indefinite hiatus after her concert due to poor health. And the hiatus has begun since yesterday....

I hope she will come back soon ✌
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I am waiting for releasing date. The closer it gets, the more excited I feel. But I have a couple of difficult exams in the coming week after that date. Once I thought about banning myself from media for a week , but is it possible when the new album is coming?
How about a modified media ban? I try not to stick to tracks all day long ,but just check them in my breaks during the day.
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So this is the 17th anniversary!
17 years ago a storm was born. Not a furious storm but a kind one . They made this world much more colorful with their innocent voice. And this is everything...
Best wishese for all 5 members and all Arashians. Hope they shine together. forever ....
Kore karamo arigatou πŸ’™β€πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ


Aug. 4th, 2016 07:39 pm
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Rio2016 Olympics will begin in a couple of days.
Best wishes for all hardworking athelets from all over the word who can at least make a person smile.

By the way I'm looking for the next olympics .....

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I don't have time to watch the Sekamuzu episodes I've downloaded T_T
99.9 KSB is waiting as well :(


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EM ;)

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