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Mar. 17th, 2017

m_ara2015: (Default)
Hey, are you doing fine? ^^

My short-term hodidays are here ^ω^
Recently, I was kinda bored and there was some news that made me extermely excited! ( of cours you've heard about them already )

- Aiba-chan's new drama. I've read the synopsis and somehow reminded me of Nazodi. I'm not sure how I would like Kizoku Tantei .... I don't like severe and deep cases. They're frightening (I watched Evil Mindes but not finnished yet, and I closed my eyes in every tremendous scene ) so, light-heart criminal case is better choice for me!

- " I'll be There" Arashi 51st single . It was a freaking long while that they announced AYH albume, and nothing new till last week. The covers, B-sides titles and sample of "I'll be There" track are not out yet, I'm so eager to know more about it. I love the title !
Me: I want this single so bad!
51st: I'll be There! :)

How will the B-sides be?

- Code blue season 3. Another drama that I like and I feel nostalgic. It was almost the first Jdrama I watched. After watching I searched for Toda Erika's drama/movie, then I found Kagiheya .... eventually, Arashi 💖.
I want to watch more drama/movie from Toda Erika !

- another drama “Reverse”. Starring Fujiwara Tatsuya and Toda Erika.

I wanna watch them all. How can I manage to do this? There are still many drama/ movie waiting ..... and Variety shows as well!

Not related my tablet went crazy and reset to factory default :( . I lost some of my files that hadn't been moved to my HD - not that they were not important, I was lazy- as well as some apps .... .
I always checked LJ via my tablet and the password was saved so I didn't need to write it every time that's why I forgot the password! now I remember XD.

Oh! my HD is near its limit. I can't delete more items than I have done! Time to buy new one?

Ok, that's all.


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EM ;)

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