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Dec. 31st, 2016

m_ara2015: (Default)
New year is comming. Are you ready? (^O^)/

I changed my default userpic and journal title for this new year! XD
The new title is : " Hey! Ai wo utaou " . Ai wo utaou is a great song and I just can't get its Love tour performance out of my mind, hence I chose this.

About entries..... hmmmm.... ??? Is it ok if I post my opinion about Arashi's new album? - I know it's too late! I'd rather wait for their next release and be more on time for postting such things ! The next one will be their 51st single, right? How will the next A-side and the PV be like? I wish for a surreal PV this time. I think it wouldn't be that bad if they try it once . I don't remember if they have had this kind before, if you know then let me know.

One more thing , I have a super important and difficult exam this year. I still have time to get prepared for it but they say each year it will be more difficult.... wish me good luck, please ^_^

Any way, I wish everyone a blessed year . (✿◠‿◠)



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EM ;)

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